Chapter 1 Letter

Data, Statistics, and Graphs

The students have received an outline of our first chapter: Data, Statistics, and Graphs. It provides a list of the vocabulary used in chapter one and the objectives for the chapter.

This chapter should take approximately three weeks to complete. By the end of the chapter, they should be able to read a single-bar graph, a double-line graph, a stem-and-leaf plot, a line plot, and a table. From these charts, they must determine how many items are equal to or more than a certain value, the range, mean, median, and mode of the values, the intervals used on the scale. They must also be able to understand how changing the interval changes the way a bar chart presents the information. For example, to show a greater difference in the bars a smaller interval can be used.

During the duration of the chapter, the students will survey each other on a variety of topics as they determine what is the "typical sixth grade student at Saint Michael". They will create their own tables and charts, use the Accelerated Math program to assess their understanding, and read and evaluate charts and graphs in their math text at school and their practice workbook sheets for homework.