Chapter 2 - Add and Subtract Whole Numbers and Decimals

In this chapter, the students will learn more about how exponents are written and solved. They will have another opportunity to remember the place value of whole numbers and decimals up to the billions and down to the hundred thousandths. We will work on comparing, ordering, adding, and subtracting decimals. In order to prepare for seventh grade work, this chapter also reviews the idea of solving expressions by replacing variables with values.

We have started taking steps to access the class blog. Hopefully, your child has already had a opportunity to access this site to listen to my podcasts to review before the chapter one quiz and test. There is a class password to view the student's work. Please ask your child for the class password and their individual id to follow their work online. They will be given a writing prompt about twice per month. They will have time in computer class, and homeroom, as well as being able to access their account from home.

I will introduce the Chapter Closure Problem this month. At the end of each chapter, I present a problem to be solved. Each Chapter Closure Problem gives the students an opportunity to use a new problem solving strategy for word problems. This month, they will learn to create a table to solve a problem. The Chapter Closure Problem requires that the students write about how they solve a problem. It is an exercise to develop their skills in analyzing what it takes to solve a problem.

We may begin working on a class wiki to outline their daily progress in math class. Each child will have a turn at updating the wiki. There is a separate page for 6A and 6B. This is due to the fact that each class will sometimes have events to attend, such as Mass or an assembly, that will not effect the other class. I am hoping that this wiki gives the students yet another exposure to the materials that we are learning and another avenue to reflect on and review their assignments.