Chapter Closure Problem Directions

I) Interpret the problem - 20 points
Rewrite and describe the problem in your own words so it makes sense to you. Identify key words that signify specific orders of operations and omit any unnecessary information. Connect personal experiences and think logically. The problem should be clear enough so someone picking up your paper would know exactly what to do. Do not leave out any important information. Pay attention to the details.

II) Discuss your approach - 40 points
Describe how you attempted to solve the problem.

A) How did you get started?
B) What strategies did you use to solve the problem?
C) What strategies did you try that did not help you to solve the problem?
D) How did you get stuck? What did you do?
E) Who did you talk to about this chapter closure problem? Some examples might be your friends, siblings, or parents? What did someone say or show you to help you? What did you say or show someone else to help them? Name the people who helped you. Name the people you helped.
F) Where could you have to solve a problem like this in real life? How can you connect this problem to something someone else might encounter?
G) What patterns did you notice?
H) What else helped you to solve the problem? Include any charts, pictures, and diagrams that you needed.

III) Execution - 20 points
Explain in a step-by-step process how you solved your problem. Explain yourself as clearly as possible. List every computation in sequential order. You may need more or fewer than four steps.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
State your answer or solution to the problem

IV) Reflection - 10 points

Reflect on yourself and your answer.

A) Explain why your answer is reasonable. It is not reasonable because you check the answer in a calculator or because your teacher says you have the correct answer.
B) What did you learn about mathematics?
C) What did you learn about yourself as a mathematician?
D) What can you do in the future to improve?
E) Was the problem too easy, too hard, or just right? Explain.

The correct answer - 10 points